Our Speakers

We've assembled a diverse group of leaders in design, product, and marketing from Google, Zillow, Rover, and more. 


Chris Risdon

Chris Risdon

Director of Design, Getaround

Former Adaptive Path Design Director

Chris is a noted author, international speaker, and instructor in user experience design. He is currently the Director of Design for Getaround one of the leaders in on-demand car sharing. Chris has worked as a design director at the influential Adaptive Path and most recently as the Head of Behavioral Design for Capital One.

Chris recently co-authored "Orchestrating Experiences: Collaborative Design for Complexity" with Rosenfeld Publishing. 

Phillip Hunter

Phillip Hunter

Voice Experience Consultant

Former Head of UX - Alexa Skills at Amazon

With over 20 years of success in conversational solutions, Phillip is one of a handful of deeply experienced independent product leaders in designing for voice. Recent efforts include growth products for Pulse Labs, Amazon Alexa, and AWS. 

Phillip focuses on digital, especially conversational AI-supported interactions between people and systems. 

Jonathan Sposato

Jonathan Sposato

GeekWire Chairman, author of "Better Together"

Former CEO of Picnik.com

Jonathan is currently the Chairman of GeekWire.com, the region's top technology news site. He is also the Chairman of PicMonkey the world's most popular and fun photo-editor. An active angel investor and a serial entrepreneur, Jonathan also has the distinct honor of being the first person to sell two companies to Google. 

He is also the author of "Better Together: 8 Ways Working with Women Leads to Extraordinary Products and Profits."

Rebecca Lovell

Rebecca Lovell

Director, Create 33

Acting Director, Office of Economic Development - City of Seattle

Prior to joining Create33, Rebecca led the Office of Economic Development and previously served as GeekWire's first Chief Business Officer. She is also currently the Chair of the Center for American Entrepreneurship, an instructor in the UW Foster MBA program, and a Techstars mentor.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Director - University of Washington, Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design

Former Principal Designer - Frog

Michael is an interaction designer, design researcher, and educator. His lab at UW is is investigating human-centered responses to organizing people, systems, interfaces, and data. He is the director of the Human-Computer Interaction + Design program at the University of Washington.

Before UW, he was a principal interaction designer at frog Design. In professional practice, Michael loves to help companies develop clear and actionable design & product strategies, and to help cross-functional teams develop systems to drive detailed work on shipping product. He thrives on complex and ambiguous problems and has a special knack for making sense of complicated circumstances.


Shauna Causey

Shauna Causey

Partner at Madrona Venture Labs

Former VP of Marketing & PR for Decide

Shauna has extensive experience with digital media, marketing, creating innovation labs and the lean startup methodology and strategic planning. She is a noted speaker and has been interviewed by Bloomberg, CBS Morning News, ABC, NBC and the New York Times.

Shauna is currently a Partner at Madrona Venture Labs and is a marketing advisor to three startups. Previously, she held leadership roles at Nordstrom, Comcast, and Google before moving to the startup world as VP at Decide. 

Adam Cohn

Adam Cohn

Principal Product Manager, Zillow

Former Senior Tech PM at Expedia

Adam is a high energy leader with a passion for innovation in customer facing web technologies. Adam specializes in opportunities where he can dig into the user’s mind and use his creativity to deliver tools and experiences which will facilitate the user’s end goals and ensure the maximum benefit to the business. 

At Zillow, Adam is the Principal Product Manager for Zillow Rentals - a fairly new vertical built on top of Zillow's real estate platform. Prior to Zillow, Adam held product leadership roles with Expedia and was a Kiva fellow. 

Lindsay Pedersen

Lindsay Pedersen

Brand Strategist & Owner, Ironclad Brand Strategy

Former Brand Manager Clorox

Lindsay is a brand strategist with a demanding, scientific approach to brand building. As a former P&L owner at Clorox, Lindsay led mature, billion-dollar businesses and newly-launched categories, from Clorox Bleach to Armor All to Brita. 

Lindsay relies on her general manager background while creating brand strategies. She has advised companies from burgeoning startups to national corporations, including Zulily, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Coinstar and IMDb.

Jay Picard

Jay Picard

SVP Account Planning at WE Communications

Former VP of Brand Strategy for Hornall Anderson

Jay is a creative strategist who is passionate about what makes people tick. He specializes in understanding human behavior to help brands connect deeply with the people they want to attract. 

Prior to his time with WE Communications, Jay held executive positions with leading agencies Hornall Anderson and Publicis.

Kate Ramsey

Kate Ramsey

Sr Principal - UX Design & Experience Strategy at Nordstrom

Former Lead UX Consultant - Ramp Technology Group

Kate was one of the founding members of the UX team at Nordstrom. She is passionate about authentic and helpful interactions on a user’s holistic journey. Prior to Nordstrom, Kate led user experience at OCLC and was the lead UX consultant at Ramp Technology Group. She’s also held interactive design roles at RealNetworks, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Disney Internet Group.

Alison  Rutty

Alison Rutty

Director of New Business Lines, Rover

Former Head of Product at Peach

Alison is a high-capacity product and operations leader with experience in strategic planning, project management, team building, and product development. Her super power is activation: specializing in turning vision into reality.

At Rover, Alison is responsible for developing new lines of business on top of Rover's rapidly expanding pet care platform. Prior to her time with Rover, Alison served as head of product at Peach where she lead new product development. 

Alex Berg

Alex Berg

Director of Strategy & Analytics at Fell Swoop

Former VP of Product Ritani

Alex has twenty plus years of experience working with pioneering Seattle companies like Starwave (NBA.com), and ecommerce stalwarts Blue Nile, Expedia, and Ritani.

At Fell Swoop, Alex has lead numerous ecommerce engagements including Microsoft Office 365, Griot’s Garage, and Virgin Mobile. His broad range of skills includes product management, ecommerce strategy, marketing, and analytics. Alex also oversees the day-to-day operations for Fell Swoop.

Alex will moderate the 'Building the right product: how do you know?' panel discussion.

Mark Popich

Mark Popich

Partner & Creative Director at Fell Swoop

A seasoned creative with twenty years of experience building brands and managing teams in the service of achieving client objectives. 

Mark has moved the design needle forward for clients such as Virgin Mobile, Condé Nast, REI, and Microsoft. He thrives on rethinking assumptions and creating space for happy accidents during tight timelines. An enthusiastic collaborator, Mark brings a wide range of interests across the arts and technology to create effective design solutions. 

Mark will moderate the 'Your UX is Your Brand' panel discussion.